Hello my lovelies :)

Well it's been a long while since I posted hasn't it?

Things are just so hectic  trying to get in to a routine caring for Mum. We have had quite a lot of issues with her care and dealing with different department for basic stuff . Why is nothing to do with any sort of social services straight forward?  I cannot tell you the amount of time I have spent on the phone to different departments trying to get something sorted which to me seems perfectly straight forward. I won't go in to details and some of the things are not pleasant but by gawd I cannot imagine what some people have to go through if they don't have anyone fighting their corner like mum has with us. It' shocking and has REALLY opened my eyes !

Anyway what with that and still trying to fit in everything else that I was doing before into my life it has left me NO time for cardmaking :( The little time I have had I have sat here and shuffled bits of paper round and gotten nowhere fast!! :( A lot of the time after the basic care my mum just needs company/chat as she is sooo bored and with her not being able to see well she is VERY limited in what she can do. So I have started taking a bit of crochet with me whilst I sit with her and chat. Here is what I've made the last few days...some little hats for the kiddies for winter :)

I do hope you are all keeping well and thanks ever so much for all your continued messages about my mum . Take care all and keep safe and warm in this awful weather we are having at the mo :(

Kerry x