The verdict is in....


Remember me telling you that the lovely people at the Daylight company asked me if I would agree to trial one of their daylight table lamps? Well the little beaut arrived last week and I couldn't wait to get it set up and working. It was packaged brilliantly and had super simple instructions for assembly. I say assembly lightly mind as It was really just take it out of the box and slot the lamp into the base  lol 

When I first received it I was surprised at how big it was but as you can see it fits nicely on my table top and because it has such a long reach I can position it directly over my work if needs be with no worry about it toppling over as the base is heavy making it very sturdy indeed. The magnifier is also super handy . If I'm honest I'm not sure I would have gone for one with a magnifier but now I've got it I can see it is gonna come in useful for so many things. It's great for colouring as you can get into the little fiddly bits no probs and it will also come in super useful for my crochet work too and no need to worry about it getting damaged or the sun shining on it and burning anything as you can see in the piccie it comes with a cute little protective cover..yes they really have thought of everything! lol

The reason for me wanting a daylight lamp in the first place was because my little room is facing  the wrong way and can be quite dark especially in this awful blighty weather and we all know how hard it can be to match colours if we do any crafting at night! Well I was actually shocked how much light this lamp gives off and the quality of it too! It really is just like natural light..shocking how much truer colours are too!
So my verdict is in and  it scores 10 out of ten for me. So mr Daylight Company I hope you don't want it back cos you'll have to fight me for it lol

Kerry x


MARY B said...

Oh! I so want one of these, maybe I'll win the lottery, top of my list if I do Mary X

Jane said...

As before I have just got one without the magnifier (not something I needed) but I used my Daylight lamp the other evening (generally the only time I get, so I need the light) and the results were fab, highly recommended. Can't believe the light I was colouring in, no wonder the results were off!!! Take care Kerry, love Jane x

Debs M said...

looks great x

Wendy said...

Would love one of these,it looks really great,something else for my wishlist.
Wendy xx

Christine L said...

I have an OTT lite.... not sure if it's classed as a daylight bulb..... but I have to say it's fantastic to work with!
Christine x

Faith A said...

Great lamp, been admiring them for a long time :) What a clear desk you have!!!!!!!!!!!

mckinkle said...

I couldnt agree more, its one of those things that you wonder how you coped before!!

Keryn x

Pauline Wardle said...

Lucky you getting to trial one. I have been looking for a decent daylight lamp so will look at getting one of these

Kathleen said...

where can i get the details of mr daylight lamp? i want to trial one!
i was actually wondering if i can just get a bulb for the lamp i've got. any ideas?
kathleen mc x

Enamul Hoq said...

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